Why I Choose Natural

It was years ago, I was still in secondary school when my mother was diagnosed with a liver disease and we were told she had two years to live. This won't be a tale of gloom and doom, she lived for almost 10 years after this jaunting news, alas, her journey with liver disease and then lung cancer was enough to make me wonder, why?

Why is our health care system geared to treatment only?

There had to be other options. I watched the system fail my mother time and time again and watched her degradation over the years (she was fierce and fought hard! She beat MANY odds).

BUT I knew that prevention was the answer.

As sweet as my mother was, she was not well. Her choices were not what I now consider (and know) to be "healthy". Her nutrition was awful, her exposure to toxins was off the charts and her mindset was clouded with all of these things. Our lives were happy but I struggled to be content. I wanted more from life. I knew I did not want this for my future or anyone else. Society is made to trust so easily, and well, I simply don't buy into that!

Before I discovered Doterra in 2016, I had always sought out natural solutions and kept up to date in the world of health and wellness. The light bulb went off for me when I attended my first essential oils class. I knew that this was a game changer. I signed up, got to know my oils and I haven't looked back since. The quality, purity and everything Doterra stands for resonates on many levels for my family and I. I am empowered.

I have overcome many obstacles and grown immensely as a person and I have these magical little bottles to thank for part of that! There are SO MANY THINGS I could talk about here, for now...that is all. I look forward to sharing the power of nature and the strategies and techniques that we can implement into our daily lives to be our best.

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